Dynamic C Premier

Dynamic C Premier

Dynamic C® Premier is an integrated C compiler, editor, loader, and debugger
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Dynamic C® Premier is an integrated C compiler, editor, loader, and debugger created specifically for Z-World's Rabbit microprocessor-based products. Dynamic C allows you to develop your application quickly for fast time to market. Since 1990, Z-World's integrated hardware and software have helped our customers develop thousands of successful OEM products.
Dynamic C's enhancements and variations from standard C facilitate real-time programming on powerful embedded systems. Language extensions include constructs for cooperative and preemptive multi-tasking and protecting writes to variables during power failures. Libraries for standard C functions, board-specific peripheral drivers, chip peripherals, and other features are included in source code format. Assembly language programming is fully supported, and Assembly code is easily mixed with C code for time-critical applications. Developing software with Dynamic C is easy. Users can write, compile, and test C code, Assembly code, or even intermixed C and Assembly code without leaving the Dynamic C development environment. Debugging occurs while the application runs on the target. Alternatively, you can compile your program to an image file for later loading. Dynamic C runs on PCs under Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, and XP. Programs are downloaded at baud rates of up to 115,200 bps while the program compiles.

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